Meet the Beet

Three or four months ago I said that I can’t live without cheese. It sounds hilarious today but I stop laughing when people use this as an excuse now because I KNOW that if you really want to change the world, this is probably the easiest step you can make.

When we say goodbye to something or someone, we tend to fill the gap with something else. Going vegan makes you explore, find foods that you never knew that existed. New foods that I am now obsessed with now is dried beet. I have liked pickled beet but would have never thought that I will ever find it on my dessert plate.

Dried beet gives such a sweet taste that it not only makes your food more presentable, but also complements it as well. I usually try to make something based on the season and now that the garden is full of currants, I had to improvise.

Just a quick blend of currants, layered with blended bananas and avocados, topped with delicious whole currants, full of omegas chia seeds and, of course, dried beets.


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